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Clarence Debelle is one of West Vancouver's top realtor because of the attention and time he gives his clients.

If his client wishes to sell a West Vancouver Luxury Home, a West Vancouver Waterfront Home, or a West Vancouver Family Home, Clarence Debelle will put in place his highly effective marketing program to have his home as quickly as possible, at the highest price possible, with minimun inconvenience to his client. Of course this means doing everything possible to present the new listing in the best light possible, from highering professional photographers and videographers, to compile the most professional and thorough packages to give to any visiting purchaser. When an offer is written of one of his listings, he possesses the skill to negotiate the best price possible on the best terms possible for his client.

He is also exceptional at pricing a home, to make sure the home is priced right from the first day it is listed, be the it a West Vancouver Luxury Home, a West Vancouver Waterfront Home, or a West Vancouver Family Home. It is critical to be able to properly price Real Estate, because West Vancouver Homes are all very different, as are the many neighbourhoods within West Vancouver. Pricing a West Vancouver Home properly means that is will get the maximim amount of interest from prospective buyers, the moment the West Vancouver Home is listed for sale. Real Estate that is priced too high, will not get this immediate attention, and will consequently remain on the market for quite a while, before the price if finally adjusted properly and only then will interested buyers visit the home. In the meantime, valuable time and countless opportunities have been wasted in listing the West Vancouver Luxury Home, the West Vancouver Waterfront Home, or the West Vancouver Family Home.

These are just a few of the reasons why Clarence Debelle is one of the top West Vancouver Realtors.


west vancouver realtors