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If you are looking for a dream residence, then don’t look beyond West Vancouver waterfront homes.  West Vancouver waterfront homes offer great luxury, stunning views, unmatched comfort and fantastic quality of life.   These are a complete package for fabulous recreational and lifestyle possibilities in one of the most beautiful and sophisticated cities in the world.

There are many places in world where a person can find a waterfront home, but there is none better than West Vancouver. West Vancouver waterfront homes exude elegance, style beauty and sophistication and are a prime attraction for people from around the world, who wish to relocate to a better place. West Vancouver is one of the most scenic and safe communities in the world, which has everything: beaches, mountains, parks, forest, shopping malls, restaurants, its own ski hill, countless marinas and yacht clubs, public and private golf courses, schools, good health facilities and last but not least amazing people.

West Vancouver waterfront homes are the ultimate choice for a dream residence. ClarenceDebelle.com lists some of the most stunning waterfront homes from West Vancouver. For assistance and more details - Call Clarence today! 604.726.5780.


west vancouver realtors