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Clarence Debelle strives to be West Vancouver's Best Realtor. He focuses on West Vancouver Luxury Homes, West Vancouver Waterfront Homes, and on comfortable West Vancouver Homes. With his experience and training as a West Vancouver Realtor he knows how to effective market and sell a West Vancouver Luxury Home and a West Vancouver Waterfront Home. Clarence Debelle, as West Vancouvers Realtor of choice, goes to all lengths to prepare, present and market a home to the very best of his ability. First, he will meet with the vendors to ensure he understands exactly what their wishes are, from price to timing to open houses. He will then hire the best-of-breed professional photographer, who will take spectacular photos of any home, and who will also take a moving video of the West Vancouver Home. Next, he will hire a professional floor planner, who will take accurate measurements of the entire inside of a West Vancouver Home, including all rooms, hallways, and so on. Before the photoshoot, he will arrange, if necessary, for the home to be staged to enhance its appeal and marketability.

Once all is done, he will post all information completely and accurately on MLS where there are Homes For Sale. The photos and the video will also be posted there, and also on the website of RE/MAX Masters, RE/MAX Western Canada, RE/MAX Canada, and RE/MAX International web sites, as well as on his own personal website, in order to maximize the market exposure of his listings.

In addition, he will have comprehensive handouts professionally made of the listing, which will include a beautiful coversheet, featuring the home, the MLS data informaton sheet, the floor plan, the measturements of each room on the floor plan, and the lot outline. Each person visiting the home being listed will receive this information, each packet made up of five separate pages.

After someone visits the home, he will always follow up to answer any questions they may have, and to inquire whether they would like to see the home for a second time, or better yet, whether they would like to write an offer on the home.

The area where he is most valuable, however, is in negotiating. His skill at negotiating the and respect he has from the other realtors enables him to fetch the highest possible price for any home he has listed and is trying to sell.

These are just some of the reasons why Clarence Debelle is West Vancouver's Top Realtor, and the Realtor you should choose when wanting to sell your West Vancouver Luxury Home, West Vancouver Waterfront Home, or your comfortable West Vancouver Home.


west vancouver realtors