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Why should one choose West Vancouver waterfront homes for a luxurious and dream residence? The simple answer to that question is that West Vancouver has everything which one could possibly think of in an ideal and most livable city and West Vancouver waterfront homes are symbol of sophistication, luxury and style beyond one’s imagination. From purest natural beauty to beautiful beaches, stunning views to all the modern day amenities, West Vancouver has it all which makes it one of the most ideal cities in the world (let alone Canada) to have residence.

Which West Vancouver realtor to choose for purchasing a dream West Vancouver waterfront home? The simple answer to that question is Clarence Debelle, one of the leading and most renowned realtors in West Vancouver. Clarence’s website Clarencedebelle.com features listings of great and best buy waterfront homes in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver and other surrounding areas. To buy one of your own dream waterfront house in West Vancouver, Call Clarence today! 604.726.5780.


west vancouver realtors